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About Us

We understand that women, in their healed state, naturally embody the generative and healing qualities of the Divine Feminine. These qualities of female leadership are essential, at this time, for the advancement of humanity and the restoration of the Earth.

Our Mission

The S.H.E. Foundation’s mission is to assist women in becoming whole through the evolution of their consciousness so that they are able to embody the Divine Feminine and thereby provide leadership in the healing of humanity and the Earth. Healed female leadership is paramount to the positive transformation of society.

Women’s Healing

For more than two thousand years, humanity has witnessed the suppression and denial of the Divine Feminine. During this time, religious authorities, (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.), persecuted women who embodied Higher-evolved Feminine consciousness. All women hold this memory in their subconscious. Many women have also experienced various forms of oppression in this lifetime.

All women have the potential to heal, transform their lives and experience authentic power. As this occurs, women naturally extend the gift of healing to others.

They also organically attract opportunities to guide and support others and to apply their unique gifts and talents to the accomplishment of transformative human goals and endeavors.

Our Purpose

The S.H.E. Foundation’s purpose is to create opportunities for women to heal, grow and unfold their authentic power and to express greater leadership in society.

Our Philosophy

  • The goal of life is to heal and develop authentic power
  • Life’s challenges and opportunities provide the forum for the healing and empowerment process
  • While outer world challenges inform inner healing, inner healing transforms the outer world
  • Women’s healing and leadership development are unique
  • Women’s authentic leadership emanates from a whole-healed state of being
  • To heal and develop as authentic leaders, women need healing and development opportunities that emanate from higher consciousness
  • It is crucial for these healing and leadership development opportunities to be available to women
  • Women need to support the creation of these opportunities for other women because the circle of giving and receiving is an essential aspect of the women's empowerment process
  • There is an urgent need for healed female leaders who catalyze and support the positive transformation of society at all levels

Our Executive Director - Natalia M Schotte, PhD

Dr. Natalia M Schotte has been a spiritual counselor and internationally recognized speaker and consultant in the field of spiritual growth for over 25 years. Dr. Schotte holds a Ph.D. in Spiritual Counseling from The Open International University of Complementary Medicines. She also is a Level 5 graduate from The International College of Spiritual and Psychic Studies.

She is the creator of the Aquarian Science of Triangles™, Spiritual Kinesiology™, and the Spiritual Science of the Evolution of Human Consciousness™. These extensive bodies of work provide new, unprecedented approaches for Spiritual Healing. She is also the founder and president of La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences.

Our Chair - Susan Owens, MS OTR

Susan Owens, MS, OTR holds a variety of leadership positions. Susan is Special Education Regional Supervisor, Lenawee Intermediate School District in Michigan. As an occupational therapist with over 35 years of experience, Susan has worked with children with special needs both within the educational system and within hospitals. In addition to her full-time role in the Michigan educational system, Susan is Chair of the Board of The S.H.E. Foundation, an officer of The Growth Corporation and its affiliated companies and Executive Director of The Michigan Brain Gym® Consortium.

Susan is a seasoned teacher and presenter. She was a professor at Eastern Michigan and Wayne State Universities over a 15-year timeframe, is currently a national presenter in the area of Brain Gym® and Brain Based Learning and a faculty member of The Michigan Brain Gym Consortium where she teaches the Introduction to Brain Gym and Brain Gym 101 classes.

Several years ago, Susan’s personal healing path led her to the realization that she needed to leave a 35 year long marriage. Since doing this, Susan has redefined all of her relationships to reflect her inner changes. Susan knows what it takes to transform oneself and one’s life in totality. She also knows the rewards of growth – a vital self, intimate relationships and the ability to extend oneself in love to one’s community.