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Our Private Sessions:

Spiritual Activation Sessions:

Our therapists facilitate spiritual healing processes drawn from a new science developed by our founder, Dr. Natalia M Schotte: The Spiritual Science of the Evolution of Human Consciousness®. This soon to be published body of work is being previewed through The S.H.E. Foundation. The purpose of each session is to create a breakthrough in an area of your life – internal, external or both.

The Spiritual Science of the Evolution of Human Consciousness provides spiritual activation processes, each with a particular focus, that accelerate spiritual healing and activate spiritual development. These processes are designed to provide the context and content for our healing sessions.

All sessions begin with a discussion of the client’s current situation. This clarifying discussion provides the framework for the choice of a focus for the session. Using kinesiology, we determine what process from the Spiritual Science of the Evolution of Human Consciousness is most appropriate for you.

Some of the processes bring new and effective approaches to long-standing and familiar issues; many activate new patterns of consciousness. The concepts introduced through the processes, and the alteration of the individual’s energy system which they produce, create profound shifts in consciousness.

The available processes support your growth in the following areas:

Activating and Accelerating Your Spiritual Development
Inner/Spiritual Healing
Unfolding Your Spiritual Purpose
Healing and Evolving Your Relationships

The processes follow a consistent format. First, a connection configuration is established. It consists of a group of higher beings. The individual initiates a process by declaring a specific intention, articulated in the process itself, and asks for Divine intervention as support for the enactment of the declaration. The activation ensues, unfolding through a series of steps initiated through declarative statements. Each statement is followed by a request for the appropriate spiritual activation in relation to the declaration. All work occurs at the level of causation – the metaphysical level.

When you do one of our spiritual activation sessions, you experience unprecedented growth. These sessions are for those who would like to accelerate their spiritual growth.

Fee: Sliding scale based on ability to pay.

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Educational Kinesiology Sessions:

Educational Kinesiology, Edu-K, is a profound system for achieving balance in any area of life. Balance is an internal phenomenon. On a physiological level, balance is a by-product of a fully activated and integrated brain and body. In these sessions, we use a process called a Balance to assist you in developing a new level of brain-body integration in relation to a personal goal that is important to you at the time. Your goal may relate to areas of self such as:

Developing Self-worth
Developing an Authentic Self
Becoming Empowered
Healing Past Traumas

Any area of your life in which you are stuck, or simply not experiencing what you intend, is an ideal area in which to focus a Balance. Examples of external aspects of life that you can address through a Balance are:

Healing Relationships or Changing the Form of Relationship
Dealing with Financial Issues
Addressing career Issues or shifting Career Issues
Addressing Parenting Challenges

When we address the brain and body’s need for integration, we are able to perceive new options and take action with greater ease. Shift happens!

What Happens in a Balance? You get ready for the shift catalyzed by doing a Balance by doing a sequence of integrative movements called PACE. Then you set your goal. You do some pre-activities that focus the body/brain system on the issue at hand. Then the integrating intervention occurs. We work in one of more realms depending on what your body indicates: the structural, ecology, emotional or acu-realm. Because we draw on 4 distinct realms, you get the intervention you need in order to learn, grow, shift and change. We then do the same activities we did at the start so you can notice what has shifted and give your body/brain system an opportunity to experience its new patterning in relation to the goal. Lastly, we celebrate!

Kinesiology or muscle checking is used throughout the Edu-K Balance process. Therefore the inner wisdom of your body/brain system, that innate intelligence which connects organically to cosmic consciousness, informs the process. This leads to great efficiency and effectiveness.

Fee: Sliding scale based on ability to pay.

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